Staff Members

Becca Brown

Resident Artist

Becca Brown lives together in a studio apartment with five jars of paintbrushes and an impressive scrap metal yard (in the kitchen). Her hobbies include knitting, French cooking, and collecting jobs. She aspires to someday be “DoctorBrown.”


Tyler Brown

Copy Editor

Tyler Brown is a graduate of Kansas State University and freelance writer. When he’s not pouring drinks or hiking across the prairie, he can be found diving into his passion: story. Although he has a great love of books, his favorite form is in graphic narratives. He is currently collaborating and working to create some of his own comics. He can be found on Twitter @TylerJavier.


Rachel Castleberg

Contributing Writer

Rachel Castleberg, freelance writer and book reviewer, is largely inspired to write by her simultaneous fear and fascination of all things dark. Though she doesn’t teach, she does tutor in English literature and essay writing and will lecture you at length about Margaret Atwood and the correct use of semicolons. She enjoys feeding people, making snide comments in church, and cuddling with her dog Indiana against his will.

Rachel profile pic

Chris McKeever

Assistant Editor and Staff Writer

Chris lives in the Midwest where he enjoys wheat beer, mandolining, and dark coffee. And the Oxford comma. He especially appreciates a good Oxford comma. He also writes. You can find him on Twitter @chris_mckeever.


Dan Partain

Layout Designer and Staff Writer

Dan Partain is lost! While finding his way, he enjoys taking breaks with James Tate, Russell Edson, and Zach Schomburg.  His goal is to warm your heart before ripping it out. Kee-cha!


Amanda Partridge

Proof Reader,  Copy Editor, and Staff Writer

Amanda J. Partridge is a freelance writer, the director of a literacy council, and a circuit coach at a women’s gym. She graduated with a BA in English from Harding University, where she was actively involved with the creative writing club, the poetry club, and the archaeology club. You can find her on Twitter at @AJ_Partridge.


Derek Wentz

Ye old Evil Overlord and Staff Writer

By day, Derek Wentz works as a proofreader and language editor for a newspaper in Wuhan, China. By night, he eats cheap Chinese street food and writes yarns of terror and suspense. When he isn’t busy with work, Derek keeps in crime fighting shape at a nearby gym and plays his guitar.  His chief delights are quiet afternoons, good books, and trips to the middle of nowhere.



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